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HSV: Ryu's profile by NejiRenji15
HSV: Ryu's profile

Name: Ryūnosuke Hanabira (“Of the Dragon” and “Flower Petal”)

Affiliation: Omoichidou

Rank: Civilian (Blacksmith apprentice)

Birthday: November 13th

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Height: 5’11.5” (182cm)

Weight: 165lb (75 kg)

Blood type: O+

Favorite food: Anything super spicy

Hobby: Glass Blowing

Personality: Ryūnosuke is a well-mannered and now mature man who bears the scars of his reckless youth. While he is working, he tends to come off as stoic; but once the day’s work is down, count him with the good time folks. He normally keeps a cool head, but can get a temper over pirate jokes. (More to come later)

Oritentation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single 

Bio: Even though Ryūnosuke was born into the Hanabira family, he doesn’t have any ninja skills. But he is a bit of a pyromaniac. During his early teenage years, Ryūnosuke began to study under a local blacksmith who made ninja tools as well as everyday items. But the young man was a reckless one, not really taking things serious and ended up paying the price. While adding more wood to the forage, Ryū was impatient and decided to throw the wood into the forge instead of placing it as his master ordered. Danger struck as he threw the last log into the forge; his face was in front of the opening to the forge, making sure that the forge was full. But as he threw the last piece of wood in, hot coals and ash were kicked back at him when the wood hit the pile. The boy recoiled in pain as the ash and coals burned his face. His master hadn’t heard the boy’s cry; he wouldn’t return for nearly an hour to check on the boy. Once his master found him, he was rushed to the hospital but it was too late.  Because of his own careless actions, he had learned his lesson the hard way.  The damage had been done, the right side of his face had been badly burned, losing majority of sight in his right eye. The medic did what they could, but since he hadn’t been brought right away, the burn was beyond their healing; he would forever bare a scar from the burn. After recovering from his accident, Ryūnosuke developed an appreciation for taking his time and care with everything he did. With the boy’s new outlook on life, his master started to teach him the skills of a black smith. He often wears an eye patch over it since he can only see shadows out of his right eye. Because of this eye patch, he is often referred to as a pirate; which almost always angers him.



  • When not working with metals, he enjoys glass blowing items; almost always incorporating sakura petals and/or flamingos in the design. 
  • He isn't ashamed of his scar, if possible he wants people to learn from it like he did.
Full Picture: HSV: Meet Ryuusuke
HSV: Meet Ryuusuke by NejiRenji15
HSV: Meet Ryuusuke
He's done!!! :iconlazypoolplz: My newest civilian for HSV. He is a member of the Hanabira Clan and a apprentice blacksmith.


Profile: HSV: Ryu's profile

Hanabira clan: e-tangent 
Ryuusuke belongs to me
KA: Masquerade Party by NejiRenji15
KA: Masquerade Party

Kenji is dress as the Red Death from Phantom of the Opera 

So I don't go insane, I'll list everything I have on record to-do (in no particular order)

(Open still)

Art Trades:

xBrokenRecordx - ShikaTema Fanfic
Darkflametailz - Uyru/Orihime Fanfic
Ankoku-Sensei- Soi Fon Fanart
AmandaPanda18 - Yoruichi and Soi Fon FanFic 
AustraliumSiren - Hisagi and Mayumi FanFic
lazerskunk - Renmaru and Tenten Fanart 
annamae2243 - OC Fanart 
S-Karina - Undecided 
Pitukel -GaaraHina Fanfic


Also, if you wish to change your prize; let me know :iconedyeahplz: My goal is got get this all done before Christmas! :iconimadplz:

KA: Kenji's 80 look
HSV Civilians 
HSV: Ikuya's Stat boost fics
HSV: Path Missions
HSV: NiroYasa
Re-draw some older pieces from my gallery 


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