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OW: August ELM202 by NejiRenji15
OW: August ELM202
August ELM 202: "Put out the fire to get out of the class, alive" 

Her eyes widened as the flames erupted and licked up the walls. While she wasn’t scare of fire, she was started to get a dislike for after her spat with Ruby. She glances over at the other two students in the class. To be honest, she had yet to even bother learning their names; after all she had only seen them in class though the student with silver turquoise hair was also in her Windmancy class. They might be in the tournament too, though she wasn’t really keeping up with the fights any more. As for the other student, she knew next to nothing about him; well beside the fact that he was male, she wasn’t sure what gender  the turquoise hair student was. But right now, who they were didn’t exactly matter; all that mattered is wither or not their watermancy skill were good enough to get them out of here. “Just pick a pool of water and use it to put the fire out around you!” Iris yelled before she placed her hands into the water before her and brought forth a whip of water. Worst comes to worst? She could chill in the water pool till the fire died out or at least until the teacher came back: perks of being able to breath underwater. 

Dion - devinaaa
Iris - NejiRenji15
Zelimir - MelodicSoul


“We’re going to get two birds with one stone here Ramir!” the dark haired girl explained as she placed a notebook on the table.

“You keeping saying that but you have yet to explain what exactly,” the tall red haired boy asked.

“Remember how you were saying that you wanted spirits to quit randomly possessing you?” she reminded.

“Yeah, what of it though?” he asked.

“Well, I figured that if you learned how to conduct a séance properly, then that might help you understand how the spirits possess you,” she explained.

He blinked a couple times; he did think that learning more about spirit mediums would help him; he wasn’t sure if this was going to work. “Well, I guess it worth a shot; not like I got anything better to do right now,” he stated bluntly, not trying to be rude on purpose.

“Alright, so once I start the séance; I will call a spirit to join us. If things go smoothly, you should be able to at least hear them speak,” she explained further.

“And if I don’t hear them or see them?” he asked.

“Then I’ll have to channel the spirit into my body so it can speak to you,” she stated, “But the spirit I’m planning on calling should be more than happy to let you see them,” she added.

“If you say so,” he muttered, part of him was starting skeptical. Yes he had seen her talk to a ghost before, well at least he thought she was talking a ghost; but that wasn’t the same as calling a spirit to them.

“Alright, are you ready?” she asked.

“Sure, I guess,” he stated.

“First we need to hold hands,” she stated as she held her hands out to him. Her hands were wrapped up in bandages for support after the book accident. The boy took her hands and rested his on the table before he looked over at her.

She offered a small smile before closing her eyes and entering a trance. “I call forth the soul of Ian Freed, born the 6th of January 1939 and died the 21st of July 1946,” she stated before repeating it in a different language, “Ich hervorrufen die Seele Ian Freed, geboren den 6. Januar 1939 starb der 21. Juli 1946.”

Ramir assumed it was German since she had told him that she was from Germany. What happened next caught him by surprise; the air around them suddenly became cold and filled with energy while the air between them became hazy. Then right before his eyes, the haze in the air started to morph into something visible.

There, sitting on the table between the two was what appeared to be a small boy. He was wearing a worn out pair of blue overall and tan shirt, his black boots were scuffed and dirty as was his blonde hair.

“Guten Tag!” the boy stated with a smile on his face.

Ramir couldn’t believe it, was he actually seeing a spirit? Valkyrie smiled at the boy and started to talk with him, again in what Ramir assumed was German. He didn’t have a clue what they were talking about, some words sounded like English but that still didn’t help him understand the conversation.

“Guten Tag,” Valkyrie replied, “Haben du es geschafft Ihre Familie zu finden?“  she asked.

„Ja, wir sind jetzt all zusammen!” the boy replied happily.

„Wunderbar, Ich freue mich das zu hören,“ she stated with a smile.

„Warum hast du dich für mich anrufen?“  the boy asked with a slight tilt of his head.

„Um einen Freund von mir ein Geistermedium ist auch,“ she answered.

The boy turned around to look at Ramir, “Hello!” the boy chimed with a bright smile.

“Uh . . hello there?” Ramir stated.

The boy giggled before turning back to Valkyrie, “Ich mag sein roten Haare,” he stated.

“Es ist schade, er tut es night,” Valkyrie commented back with a meek smile.

“Ah, Es tut mir lied.
Ich muss gehen,“ the boy stated as he waved to them both before fading away.

“Auf Weidersehen” Valkyrie stated as the boy left.

The energy in the air slowly dissipated, Valkyrie looked over at Ramir, “So, what did you think,” she asked.

“Besides not understanding a thing the two of you said, I guess I’m a bit impressed since I could see and hear him,” Ramir stated bluntly.

“Oh! I first asked him if he had found his family, which he said he had. Then he asked me why I called for him and I told him that I wanted him to meet a friend of mine who was a spirit medium too. That was when he turned to look at you,” she explained.

“And what was his giggle about?” Ramir asked.

“Well . . . he liked your red hair but I told him that you didn’t really like it. And then he had to go after apologizing,” she explained as she looked at the table.

Ramir fell silent before he looked back at her, “How did the kid die? He was only 5 years old,” he commented.

“He was 7, and he died from Polio,” she explained.

“Oh. . . I see,”Ramir stated, “So, that was a séance?” he asked.

“Yep! More or less at least; it is just one way of communicating with the spirits,” she noted.

“I much rather communicate with them than get possessed by them,” Ramir grumbled.

“Well . . . It might take some time, but I know you will be able to figure out how to keep them from possessing you!” she stated with a bit of a blush.

“Uh? Oh, thanks,” he stated as he let go of her hands and leaned back in his chair.

Valkyrie offered a smile as she opened the notebook that she had put on the table and started to write down the conversation. 

OW: August NEC 101 Assignment
NEC 101: Conduct a seance and successfully establish communication with a spirit.

Being the daugter of a spirit medium and one in training her self, Val chose to help out a friend along with her assignment. Two birds, one stone. 

Ramir DreamingOfSenpai 
IH: Eriko Tsutaya App by NejiRenji15
IH: Eriko Tsutaya App

For :iconikehara-high: 


Name:  Eriko Tsutaya

Nicknames: Pink Princess

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Birthday: February 14

Class: 3C

Club: Dancing 

Height: 5’4” (163cm)

Weight:  120lb (54kg)

Quote: “Life is a dance that is always changing so stay on your toes”

Status: Single (waiting for her Prince Charming :iconlaughsplz: ) 


Eriko is a bubbly, giggle and cheerful girl. She loves to dance, mainly Ballet and Ballroom dancing. She doesn't get the whole "take caution when talking to strangers" since she will warm up to them quickly and call them her friend. Even though she almost 17, she is quite naïve when it comes relationships and males. She has this mindset that her Prince Charming will come sweep her off her feet someday; merely a figment of her imagination so far. In terms of school, she gets good grades and shows up to all her classes; math is her poorest subject, but she still squeaks by. She loves the color pink and baby animals; her school supplies are different shades of pink with hearts draw all over them. She adores her school uniform and will wear it as much as she can. She is deathly afraid of the dark (lygophobia) and has a pink princess nightlight in her bed room. She also carried a pink flashlight where ever she goes as well. 


Growing up, Eriko dreamed of being a princess, living in a cute house with cute things; part of this she still wishes to come true.  Her passion for dance came from her grandmother who was a dancer herself. She taught Eriko ballet and the flame of passion was lit. She also fell in love with ice skating from her mother, since it was so similar to dancing. Her older brother (Yusei) is also a dancer, mainly ballroom; together the two of them would enter ballroom dance competitions when they were younger. The two are still close, often going ice skating together over Eriko’s holiday breaks. When Eriko was 15, her grandmother passed away, giving Eriko two gold bracelet to remember her by. Eriko wears these bracelets all the time, and refuses to take it off unless it is completely necessary. Her parents decided to enroll her in school early, instead of holding her back a year. Hence why she is only 17 at the start of her third year.


    ·         Dancing (Ballet and Ballroom)

    ·         Ice skating

    ·         Pink (ANYTHING PINK)

    ·         Dresses and ribbons

    ·         Sparkles and Hearts

    ·         Princess fairy tales

    ·         Anything sweet


    ·         The dark

    ·         Bitter foods

    ·         Damaged/torn clothes

    ·         Swearing/Name calling

Additional Information:

    ·         Like to cook and sew

    ·         Loves to teach kids how to dance

    ·         Her hair is to her mid back, but she often ties it up. Her bangs are pulled back making a poof on top of her head. 

    ·         She wears tights under skirts and dresses (habit from dance)

    ·        She will wear a pink tiara every so often, normally if she is having a bad day and wants attention to get over it. 


I'll Rp through Notes, Comments, Chat and skype. Note me for my skype La la la la

So I don't go insane, I'll list everything I have on record to-do (in no particular order)

(Open still)

Art Trades:

xBrokenRecordx - ShikaTema Fanfic
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Ankoku-Sensei- Soi Fon Fanart
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AustraliumSiren - Hisagi and Mayumi FanFic
lazerskunk - Renmaru and Tenten Fanart 
annamae2243 - OC Fanart 
S-Karina - Undecided 
Pitukel -GaaraHina Fanfic


Also, if you wish to change your prize; let me know :iconedyeahplz: My goal is got get this all done before Christmas! :iconimadplz:

KA: Kenji's 80 look
HSV Civilians 
HSV: Ikuya's Stat boost fics
HSV: Path Missions
HSV: NiroYasa
Re-draw some older pieces from my gallery 


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