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“’Till death do us part.” Those were the words that he was prepared to say in just a few weeks from now but now it was too late. The woman who he thought that he would spend his whole life with was gone. Her being gone still hadn’t set in, just a few days ago they were laughing with each other as they walked around the village. And now, she was gone. He’d never see her smile again; watch her long brunette hair tumble down her shoulders when she took it out of the bun she wore. Never would he see that faint blush on her face when he grabbed her hand or her jade green eyes look up at him. Her soft lips would never say his name again. How this happened, he still wasn’t sure. The doctors said that it was a combination of her old injuries and falling ill but that still didn’t explain why it had happened so fast or how much pain she was in. As soon as her parents got there, he took his leave; not wanting to interfere with their mourning. Her funeral would be tomorrow, he would have to say his last good bye then.  As he walked out of the hospital, he shuffled down the street back to his farm.

From the moment they had met in Academy, Niro knew that they were meant to be together. Both had weakness that people said would never let them become ninjas. Together they proved that, he rose to jônin while she made her way to Chunnin. They had been through so much together: two teammates, a war that transcended time and countless missions returning injured. But now, all he had left was memories of them. Slowly the pain sank in, she was gone. He’d never hold her in his arms again. He stopped in the road and looked up at the clear sky. Tears started to stream down his face as he looked to the heavens, “Please take care of her! She meant the world to him and should be treated as such!” he cried to the heavens. If there was a higher being, he hoped that they had heard him. “Please care for her since I can’t any longer,” he sobbed as he returned to his long walk home.


His parents were off at a horse show, leaving the house quiet. He walked in and slumped on the sofa before getting quickly over taken by two dogs who could tell that he was upset. “Sorry boys, but she won’t be coming here anymore,” he stated as he pet the larger of the two dogs. Both dogs whined as they locked the tears off his face. “You miss her too,” he muttered. Sleep eluded him that night; he spent the whole time looking through the pictures and gifts they had exchanged through the years. In the corner of his room was a roll of cloth. He had planned to make her a dress for their wedding reception but that wasn’t going to happen. Morning came but the rising sun was hidden behind the dark rain clouds that loomed over the sky. It had been raining for a good part of the night now and it didn’t look like it was doing to stop. After making sure all the animals were set, he got dressed in black and headed to the cemetery.

The whole Fujuhara clan seemed to be there and behind them were the rest of the village that knew her. Each would greet him with a handshake or a hug but no conversations for he looked like he was going to break down at any moment. After a short speech, everyone was given their chance to say their last goodbyes to her. Niro waited till all her family had said their goodbyes before he walked over. Flowers covered her casket, each from a member of her family. Standing there he place a single red rose with all the flowers, “Yasashi, I have always love you. Please never forget that, “he added as he tried to hold back the tears, “Good bye Yasashi, I will miss you with all my heart,” he stated as stood there in the rain. His tears began to mix with rain, he didn’t care how soaked he got. “I won’t forget you, even if another finds their way into my heart,” he added as he looked back at the casket. It had to be his imagination but he thought he saw Yasashi sitting on her casket. He wasn’t sure but he swore that her heard her say “I love you Niro-Kun” before she faded away. “I love you too,” he whispered back into the rain. Someday, someone heal his broken heart but there would always be a piece that belongs to her. 

HSV: Til Death Do Us Part
Starting from the beginning, around the beginning of 2015 Hyuuga-me (Yasashi's owner) was unsure if she would be able to commit to HSV. We had a dicussion that Yasashi would have no reason to leave the village so she would have most likley died from sickness if Hyuuga-me wasn't able to commit. After letting the group know of her short hiatus, she rejoin that summer. 

Come November of last year, she was not as active as she was in the months before. Early this year she was removed from the group by the wallflower rule. I attempted to contact her in regards if she was planning on returning to HSV or not and got no answers.

I waited for some time but recived no answers and decided that I needed to bring a end to the question and move forward. Thus, this.
OW: Eugen by NejiRenji15
OW: Eugen

"Money is meant to be kept, not spent.”


Basic Information:

Name:   Eugen Rademaker

Nickname: Gene

Age:  197 (appears 20)

Height: 6’0”

Species:  Vampire

Visiting: Andrea Rademaker



    ·         Advanced Shadowmancy

    ·         Illusionary Magic

    ·         Enhanced speed, strength and smell


Personal Information:


    ·         A free meal

    ·         Free loading

    ·         His sister Andrea

    ·         Looking his best

    ·         Getting what wants with minimal effort




    ·         Anyone who bothers/hurts/bullies Andrea

    ·         Bad hair (or clothes) days

    ·         Garlic

    ·         Onions

    ·         Spending his own money on himself


|Arrogant | Cocky | Stubborn | Deceiving |Manipulative|

Eugen is a cocky young vampire who prides himself in being able to what he wants from people easily. He is headstrong and stubborn; changing his mind is like trying to move large rock. He seems to have skills in deceiving people, leading them to believe the lies that he spins in order to get money or food. With his shadowmancy and illusion magic, he has mastered the art of conning people. Underneath his conniving exterior, Eugen will show compassion to those he trusts and is will to put them first. Family means the most to him, after all they are few people he trusts; harm his family and you may not live to regret it.



Eugen was born in the early 1800 in the town of Mainz, Germany along the Rhein River. His father, Alexander, had settled down despite his vampric status. His mother was a drifter with the powers of illusory magic. With science still young and folk lore ruling the mind, Eugen was able to hide the fact that he was a vampire with his shadowmancy and illusory magic. When he was 16 years old, he left his parents to go see the world. As he traveled, he earned money and food through conning and swindling people. That beggar on the side of the street, that was him and his illusory magic. With his magic, Eugen never actually held a real job; he was a wander. Despite have traveled the world, he wound back up in Germany in the middle of WWII. He was thrown headlong into the battle, in listed without any training; while he didn’t agree for why the war was happening, it gave him a free meal and all the blood he could drink after battles had ended. He managed to survive the war though near the end of the war he managed to nearly server his left arm in an accident. Once the war ended, he fled Germany and the Allies, returning to his traveling. After nearly 170 years, Eugen returned to find his father. Not surprisingly, his father was still alive but he had a surprise in store for Eugen. The assumed only child learned that he had a (much) younger half-sister who was attending a school for the dark arts. Upon learning of his little sister, Eugen set out to the Otherworlde Academy to meet the sibling that he had longed for decades.


His left eye is a lighter red (almost pink) compared to his right eyes. 


Bullet; Green- Likes |  Bullet; Black- Dislikes | Bullet; Blue - Unsure |  Bullet; Yellow- Interested By |  Bullet; Purple- Saddened By |  Bullet; White- Fearful Of |  - Bullet; Pink Crushing On |  Bullet; Red - Love

Andrea :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: My little sister who is the best sister ever! Don't even think of doing anything to her or you won't live to regret it! 

HT: Cherry Blossoms by NejiRenji15
HT: Cherry Blossoms

Indy with that smile on your face it looks like you are plotting something. I don't think Shii would like it if you blew up his trees. So don't even think about it.

Indy belongs to me
OW: mRaphael by NejiRenji15
OW: mRaphael


Name: mRaphael, mRaph, Goose King

Age: 0/~20


|Conniving | Devious | Smart Aleck| Brash|

mRaph has a plan, he is going to become God. He is sly and conniving, able to convice others to help with goal. He is very brash and loves nothing more than to make someone look stupid to show how smart he is. mRaph tends to act like he is already God and in charge. Basically he’s a big jerk.




Beginner Medicine



:bulletgreen: - Like | :bulletblack: - Dislike | :bulletpink: - Crush | :bulletred: - Love | :bulletyellow: - Respects | :bulletwhite: - Afraid | :bulletblue: - Not sure



OW: mValkyrie by NejiRenji15
OW: mValkyrie

Name: mValkyrie

Age: 0/17


|Cowardly| Skittish | Quiet | Fearful|

Unlike her counterpart, mVal much rather hid from others and watch from a distance. She is easily spooked and quick to cry in fright. She also isn’t fond of talking to spirits like Val and refuses to practice necromancy out of fear of sprits. She has a habit of stalking people to watch them from the distance however as soon as they find her, she apologizes profusely. mVal will refer to herself as “glass” offer, hoping to get the point across of her fraility.




Spirit communication (wishes she wasn’t able to talk to them thought)

Intermediate Necromancy (again refuses to use it out of fear)



:bulletgreen: - Like | :bulletblack: - Dislike | :bulletpink: - Crush | :bulletred: - Love | :bulletyellow: - Respects | :bulletwhite: - Afraid | :bulletblue: - Not sure

mCasper :bulletwhite: She scared to think that he will go through with his threats and the name calling makes her cry.

mChrono: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: Even if his german was rough, she felt some comfortable with him. Hopefully next time they meet, she won't be a child (blame Hiro.) 

mDrake :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: After getting her leg caught in one of his shadow bear traps, she is scare to death of mDrake.

mGlitch: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: He helped her out after her leg got snapped by one of mDrake’s bear traps. He seemed rather shy himself, similar to her.

mLuca: :bulletblue: He seems nice but she isn’t sure what to think of him.

mParis :bulletwhite: mVal shall avoid her from now on.

mEmily :bulletwhite: She’ll avoid her too

Hiro :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: He can make light bugs. NO NO NO STAY AWAY

mHiro :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: He can make light bugs too. STAY AWAY

So I don't go insane, I'll list everything I have on record to-do (in no particular order)

(Open still)

Art Trades:

xBrokenRecordx - ShikaTema Fanfic
Darkflametailz - Uyru/Orihime Fanfic
Ankoku-Sensei- Soi Fon Fanart
AmandaPanda18 - Yoruichi and Soi Fon FanFic 
AustraliumSiren - Hisagi and Mayumi FanFic
lazerskunk - Renmaru and Tenten Fanart 
annamae2243 - OC Fanart 
S-Karina - Undecided 
Pitukel -GaaraHina Fanfic


Also, if you wish to change your prize; let me know :iconedyeahplz: My goal is got get this all done before Christmas! :iconimadplz:

KA: Kenji's 80 look
HSV Civilians 
HSV: Ikuya's Stat boost fics
HSV: Path Missions
HSV: NiroYasa
Re-draw some older pieces from my gallery 


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Check out my little sister :icondarkmoon1544:

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