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OW: Lorita Guadalupe (Prospective Student) by NejiRenji15
OW: Lorita Guadalupe (Prospective Student)
She's checking out OW, no classes yet 


"You wanna be my friend? Bring me fresh goat’s blood.”


Basic Information

Name: Lorita Guadalupe

Age: 313 | Appears to be in her mid-twenties

Height: 5’6” (human form) | 3’0” (beast form, not counting spikes)

Species: Chupacabra

Species Description:  A blood sucking cryptid from the Americas, it drains the blood of livestock (mainly goats) though a set of puncture marks.



    ·         Acute senses (smell, hearing, and night vision)

    ·         Beginner Blood manipulation


Academic Information

Level: Prospective Student

Courses: None

Passed Courses: None

Experience: 0


Personal Information


    ·         Goats – Favorite food of all time. Anything goat makes her happy.

    ·         Blood – Favorite drink of all time. Has a hard time resisting it.

    ·         Meat – Raw is her favorite but she’ll eat medium rare if she had to.

    ·         Stalking – She stalks others just to creep them out, plus it keeps her in shape for hunting.

    ·         Chaos – Messes, trouble, disaster; she love it.

    ·         Nighttime – her favorite time of the day


    ·         Vegetables – you can’t really get blood from veggies, not even beets or tomato comes close.

    ·         Guns – The one weapon she can’t fight against.

    ·         Order/Cleanliness – If she sees a pile of papers stacked nicely or books lined up nicely, she’ll knock it over. Her dorm is a mess but she knows where everything is so don’t mess it up.

    ·          Getting called a “dog” or “bear” – She isn’t one, to her that’s like calling a human a monkey.


    ·         Shapeshifting (between her human form and her beast form at will)

    ·         Agility – In her beast and human form, she is quick on her feet; easily outrunning any human

    ·         Stealth- She makes little to no noise when she walks allowing her to sneak up on people and scare them.

    ·         Making a mess – Wither it’s eating or just walking by a mess is left in her wake.


    ·         Messy – She’s a messy eater and has her own organization methods

    ·         Strong smells – With her sensitive nose, strong smells like perfumes can send her reeling.

    ·         Bright Lights – since her eyes are able to see at night, they are extremely sensitive to bright lights.

    ·         Headstrong – Once she has set her mind to something, there is no way to stop her.


    ·         To get revenge against those pesky human farmers that try to kill her

    ·         To get strong enough to never fear death again


    ·         Sudden Death

    ·         Poisons



|Headstrong| Messy| Devious | Mischievous |

Lorita loves nothing more than to play small pranks on other, her prank of choice is stalking people and jumping them at random times. She also is a devious person, keeping the reasons behind her acts to herself.  While she may seem childish, she is a calculated fighter who has no problem taking advantage of her enemies’ weakness. She is stubborn and won’t let people talk her out of anything; once her mind is made up, nothing will change it. Lorita isn’t known to be a very clean person; she makes a mess when she eats. As a result, most of her clothing has blood stains on it. Much like her clothing is a mess, so is her dorm room. She knows where everything is, even if no one else does.   



Born in the jungles of Central America, Lorita wreaked havoc upon local livestock. By day she was a human that blended in but at night she was a blood sucking beast. At first, the farmers couldn’t really do much to prevent her attacking the animals; crude traps and pitchforks were their main weapons. But as the years passed, their weapons soon developed; guns and poisons became standard. Unable to out run bullets or survive poison, she was forced to roam around. As time passed, inventions like cameras and motions sensors make her hunting even more difficult. People feared her and start to hunt her, wanting her dead. Wanting to live, Lorita sought out a place of sanctuary; somewhere where she wouldn’t be hunted. With the help of some other mythical creatures, she learned about the Otherworlde academy. Once she arrived, she realized that she would be safe here and perhaps even get strong enough to get revenge on those farmers.  


Misc. Information:

    ·         Two fangs stick out when her mouth is close due to her jaw structure.

    ·         The spikes on her back are similar to that of a porcupine, only larger and stronger.

    ·         Can speak Spanish as well as English, though she has a bit of an accent.


Character Relationships

| :bulletgreen: - Likes | :bulletblack: - Dislikes | :bulletblue: - Unsure | :bulletyellow: - Interested By | :bulletpurple: - Saddened By | :bulletwhite: - Fearful Of | :bulletpink: - Crushing On | :bulletred: - Love |



Roleplaying Preferences

Notes, comments, skype

Preferences or limits: No killing

Would you like to join the OW Skype Group? Already am~


Script Sample

Lorita: -grins, staring at the raw meat – Are you going to eat that steak? If not, I will take it!

Lit Sample

The women’s mouth became a grin, two fangs hanging out of her mouth onto her lower lip, “Are you going to eat that steak?,” she asked as she stared at the raw meat, “If not, I will take it!” she exclaimed.  

OW: Nec102 - July by NejiRenji15
OW: Nec102 - July
Nec 102 - July

Valkyrie wasn't sure what to think about the exorsim ring. She was a spirit channeler, she allowed herself to get possessed by spirits inorder to help them communicate with their loved ones. Yes, there was always that risk that she would channel a vengeful spirit but she should be able to break the seance, reverting back to normal. She looked at the ring in her hand,  she was suppose to find something or someone who was possess and exorise the evil spirit from them. She couldn't use herself, since there was no way she could channel a spirit then try to use the ring at her skill level. That meant that she needed to find someone or something else. There were chances of finding someone who was possessed, but she really didn't know that many people or even where to look for that matter! Surely there had to be possesed objects in this academy, she just had to find one. Heading to the library, Valkyrie figured at her best bet to finding a possesed object was to do some research. After some time in the library, she uncovers a lead. There were numerous records of possessed dolls in Otherworlde, perhaps there were still some around. According to the entry in an old journal she found, the dolls were often found in the dorms; well they used to at least. Since she was only a beginner, she had access to just the bone dorms. Wandering about the dorm, she looked for a doll; possessed or not. Her first sweep of the dorms was a bust, no dolls anywhere. Maybe all these possessed dolls that she read about were all gone by now. Just when she was about to give up, she heard a dark laugh coming from down the hallway. She assumed it to be just another student but as she got closer, the voice wasn't coming from a dorm but a closet. Who would be hiding in a closet laughing? As she was about to open the door, she paused for a second; there were some very odd people here at the academy, hiding in the closet was something that wouldn't be above thir actions. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the closet door; after waiting for a few minutes, all she could hear was the laughing. Taking one more deep breath, she opened the door and let the hallway light shine into the closet. Sitting on the floor of the closet was a doll wearing a red outfit. Valkyrie was a bit creeped out by the dolls, besides it's laughing; it had this crooked grin on it's face. While she wasn't a 100% sure if the doll was possessed, she had a got feeling that it was; otherwise why would it be hiding in a closet? She looked at the ring that she had gotten from Rax, "Well here goes nothing" she stated as she held her hand out to the doll. 
OW: ELM 204-Windmancy by NejiRenji15
OW: ELM 204-Windmancy
ELM 204- Windmancy (July)

Iris wasn't sure what exactly was going to happen when she broke that sphere but getting pushed around by the wind didn't really sound like fun. Taking a deep breath, she shattered the sphere in her hand. All at once, the wind seemed to swirl around her. Grabbing the spell was a bit difficult, but she managed to bring the spell into her heart. That was when the problems started; no sooner had she done so did the wind start it's assult on her. Insults and name calling flew through the air, as did items from her treasure. As she tried to pick her things back up, the wind would push her over. After she had faceplanted the ground, she slowly got back up; figure out how to control the wind was going to be a pain.
So I don't go insane, I'll list everything I have on record to-do (in no particular order)

(Open still)

Art Trades:

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lazerskunk - Renmaru and Tenten Fanart 
annamae2243 - OC Fanart 
S-Karina - Undecided 
Pitukel -GaaraHina Fanfic


Also, if you wish to change your prize; let me know :iconedyeahplz: My goal is got get this all done before Christmas! :iconimadplz:

KA: Kenji's 80 look
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HSV: Ikuya's Stat boost fics
HSV: Path Missions
HSV: NiroYasa
Re-draw some older pieces from my gallery 


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