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St  Pigeonation: Sylvain Arlie by NejiRenji15
St Pigeonation: Sylvain Arlie

Name:  Arlie (Eagle Woods [Old English]), Sylvain (Forest [French form of the English name “Slivanus”])

Species: Bald Eagle

Age:   17

Date of birth:   July 4th

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Gender: Male

Height & Weight:  6’ 6” (198cm) & 200lb (91kg) 

Year: 3rd

Class: TBA
Dorm Room:  TBA
Club: Kendo

Personality: [Aloof | Stoic | Cunning | Loyal]

At first glance, Sylvain seems like a dangerous person; his scowled face and piercing yellow eyes. Due to this reaction, he tends to keep an aloof attitude around people; not caring what they think about him. Since they view him as a emotionless person, he acts like one: a scary individual who doesn't seem to care about others. While he may not seem like much of a people person, he enjoys company; excelling at cunning people into getting him food. Sylvain seemed to have some kind of obsession with food; to the point that if he is hungry, he’ll stop at nothing to get something to eat; even swiping it from someone else. When he is hungry, he becomes highly annoyed and short tempered; if it doesn’t involve him getting food in this stomach, then he could really care less. If someone takes the time to get to know him, they’ll find a loyal friend in him as well get to see him smile. 


Born in the town of Adak, Alaska; Sylvain grew up near the water. Him and his older brother Hughes would often challenge each other to contest; ranging from who could eat the most fish to who could win an arm wrestling match. Being 5 years old, Hughes would end up wining most of the contests, with Sylvain close behind. Despite the daily contests the boys had, they knew to stop whatever they were doing if their mom needed them for something. Their mother, Jacquette, was a tall and imposing woman. She was a bit taller than their father, Dalton, and towered over the young boys. She wasn’t a woman to be messed with, so the boys were always on their best behavior. Jacquette homeschooled the boys up until they completed junior high, after which they would attend St. Pigeonation. Both Jacquette and Dalton attended St. Pigeonation; however not at the same time. It was thanks to Hughes that Sylvain got interesting in Kendo; since Hughes had traveled to Japan after he had finished high school. Sylvain fell in love with the sport since he had always had an interesting in swords and blades since he was little. Once he enrolled in St. Pigeonation, the first thing he did was sign up for the Kendo club. 



    ·         Any kind of food (mainly meat)

    ·         River Banks

    ·         Girls shorter that him (Basically everyone but his mom :iconweepplz: )

    ·         Dirt Bikes, Motorcycles and 4 Wheelers

   ·         Swords and any kind of bladed weapon


    ·         Being hungry

    ·         People making fun of his name

    ·         People who don’t give him food

    ·         Getting glared/stared at for no reason

    ·         Places that don’t allow food to be eaten



Arlie, Dalton (Sylvain’s father): Sylvain gets along well with his father; the two look almost identical except for Dalton’s facial hair.

Arlie, Jacquette (Sylvain’s mother):  Sylvain has the utmost respect for his mother; quickly learning to stay on her good side. Thanks to Jacquette’s teaching, Sylvain and Hughes are well mannered young men . . . errr birds.

Arlie, Hughes (Sylvain’s older brother): Sylvain and Hughes are always competing with each other; always trying to beat one another at anything possible. When they are not competing, the two hang out with each other, mostly to ride around on their dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. 

Students/Staff - TBA


    ·         His most commonly used phrase is “I’m so hungry I could eat some small birds right about now :iconlesigh-plz:

    ·         Collects old swords, blades, and knifes, keeps his collection at home.  

    ·         From Adak, Alaska, United States

    ·         His parents have a thing for French names

     ·        That is his natural hair color. Just don’t ask.


Grabbing his jacket, the blond headed out the door into the cold January air. No matter what the weather, he still had to attend to his chores; rain or shine, freezing cold or blistering heat.

While he liked the snow as much as the next guy, it wasn’t on the top of his favorite season list. Personally he couldn’t wait for spring to come, they were expecting baby animals; little cows, sheep, goats, and chickens. But he couldn’t make time go faster so he head to bear with the cold for now.

As day break approached, he was getting to the last chore of the day, throwing the hay down from the hay loft. As he threw each hay bale down from the loft to his father; he began to feel light-headed. Once the last bale was down, he sat down; he hadn’t eaten breakfast quite yet . . . maybe he was just hungry or something. Once his head stopped spinning he headed back to the house to get some food.

After breakfast he felt better; brushing off the earlier event as hunger. Even if it was a bit on the cold side, he still had his duties as a squad leader to see to his team. Today was a training day; the topic of the day was chakra control.

After a short wait, his three students showed up. “Alright, so we’re gonna work on chakra control today. Ninjustu and Genjustu depend on good charka control,” He explained.

“Oh! You mean the advanced tree climbing exercise!” Koneko stated excitedly.

“Advanced tree climbing? He’s just going to make us wear a blindfold or something,” Hatsu muttered.

“Hmm, actually I wasn’t plannin’ on that. . . but I’ll keep that in mind for another day, thanks Hatsu san,” Niro stated with a smile.

Naoki couldn’t help but laugh as Hatsu pouted.

“The advanced tree climbing exercise is to focus yer chakra while yer body undergoes a physical strain,” Niro explained.

“Physical Strain?” Naoki asked. Niro nodded, “Instead up climbing the tree using chraka on the bottom of yer feet, ya’ll will climb the tree while doin’ a handstand. That is yer hands will make contact with the tree while keeping yer body perpendicular with the tree,” he explained.

“We have to climb doing a handstand?!” Hastu protested.

“Would you rather do it blindfolded?” Niro asked.

“I… er…. Never mind,” Hatsu muttered, keeping her mouth shut before she made things even worse.

“Ya might want to work on yer handstands before trying,” Niro stated as he looked over at Naoki, “If ya want an extra challenge ya can blindfold yourself Naoki san,” he added.

“I think I’ll get the hang of it first before I try it blindfolded,” Naoki admitted as she stood up.

“Well, ya might as well get started,” Niro stated with a smile as the girl began working on their handstands.

After a short refresher on handstands, the girls began the tree climbing; Niro waiting on the ground to catch them in case of a bad landing. As he stood there, he started to get dizzy again; “Again? But I ate. . .” he muttered to himself, leaning against a wall so he wouldn’t fall over.

“ARGH! Stupid tree!” Hatsu yelled in anger as she landed back on the ground after a short climb.

“It’s not the tree, it’s gravity!” Koneko stated once Hatsu landed.

"Fine, STUPID GRAVITY!” Hatsu yelled.

“Yelling at it won’t help much Hatsu chan. . .” Naoki stated as she sat on one of the upper tree branches.

“Naoki san is right, less talk more climbing,” Niro noted, coughing slightly as if something was in his throat.

“Hmph!” Hatsu pouted as she and Koneko once again returning to trying to climb the trees.

Naoki looked down at Niro when he coughed, “Niro, are you ok?” she asked.

“Yeah, just choking on air,” he stated, “no worries,” he added as he looked back to the others.

Naoki looked back to the other girls, before glancing back at Niro.

Around lunch time, the group took a break to eat. The girls quickly started chatting with each other as they ate, while Niro sat there quietly eating. His dizziness had gotten better but now something else was off; his chest felt tight, a feeling that wasn’t anything new to him. As he slowly ate, he thought about ending training early for the day and getting some rest, last thing he needed was to get sick.

“Niro, is everything ok? You’re being really quiet,” Naoki pointed out.

“I’m fine, just deep in,” he started before coughing a few times, “just deep in thought,” he finished once he was done coughing.

“You don’t sound so good,” Koneko stated, as she looked over at him.

“Koneko chan is right, you don’t sound good at all,” Naoki stated sternly.

Niro coughed again before looking to the others, “Well, I guess I’ll have to end training early today, sorry ya’ll,” he stated, a bit sad.

“No worries, you focus on getting better alright Niro?” Naoki stated.

“Yeah! We can’t have you getting sick! How will we go on missions?” Hatsu stated.

“Just get plenty of rest!” Koneko stated.

“Thanks all, well I’ll head home and get some rest. Ya’ll take care,” Niro stated as he gather his things and started to head home.

If he woke and things were worse, he’d head to the hospital to get a checkup and medication if needed. If he ignored the coughing, it would turn into pneumonia and would wind him up in the hospital for some time; that was one fight he had a losing record with.
HSV: A losing record
:iconweepplz: Winter and Niro seem to fight every year, he always gets sick.

Naoki MiyuKyuu 
Koneko Suiton-kun 
Hatsu BakanoGabi 
KA: Fantasy AU by NejiRenji15
KA: Fantasy AU
Kenji would be wizard :iconmhmmmplz: With his trusty ancient tome of spells. 

Kenji belongs to me
Before I get to the tagged by :iconthebabyangel2: I want to advertise a new RP group based of the otome game 'Hatoful Boyfriend'! Join even if you don't have a clue about the game! 


Now onto the tag:

1) Write down every letter in your name.
2) Write down a song that pops into your head beginning with each letter.
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people.

Ging to use my nickname cause yeah:

N: Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
E: Emotional by Diana DeGarmo
J: Journey to the Past from the movie "Anastasia" 
I: Impossible by Shontelle 
K: Kickin' In by Adam Lambert 
O: Open Up Your Eyes by Daughtry

Ummm tagging six people. . . . . IDK six people who haven't done this yet :iconweepplz: 
IMPORTANT NOTE: This story takes place 10 years before the current time in HSV.

The young man slid down the hardwood floor in his socks, trying to run would have ended him up on the floor. He was late already; a fall would make him even later.

“Bye Mother! See you later!” the boy called as he slipped his shoes on and grabbed his bag.

“Remember to pick up your sister from the academy on your way home!” a woman’s voice yelled from another room.

“Yeah, I know. Bye!” the boy yelled back as he took off out of the house.

While the sixteen year old boy belonged to the Hanabira clan, he wasn’t really ninja material; so he decided to pursue the art of blacksmithing, something that fulfilled his pyromaniac needs.

After a short run into town, the boy opened the door to the blacksmith shop.

“You’re late Ryūnosuke!” an older man grumbled as the boy walking in.

“Sorry, I won’t happen again” Ryū promised, he knew that he was in trouble when his mentor called him by his full name.

“We’ll see about that, now you better get cutting that fire wood,” the man stated.

“Yes sir!” Ryū stated as he dropped his bag and headed out back to cut the wood that they would need for the day.

Once the wood was cut, the forge was started and the customers started to trickle in. Ryū’s main job was to keep the fire going and get whatever tools his mentor asked for.

Being a novice apprentice blacksmith, he could make small things and simple things, like nails and basic farming tools. It would still be some time till he mastered the making the tools for ninjas.

It was a normal day until his master got called out to refit some old weapons to new owners. He left Ryū in charge of completing the rest of the days order: nails.

It was a simple enough tasks, one that Ryū had done countless times before. But once he had gotten everything ready to go, he noticed that the forge was running low on wood.

He’d have to fill it up before he could start making the nails. Heading over to the forge, he started gathering the wood from the pile; getting ready to place it into the forge.

Once he had finished this job, he’d be able to head home; meaning the faster he got this done, the faster he could get home.

His master always instructed him to place the wood into the forge, a time consuming task. For Ryū, that was going to take too long; so he started to throw the wood into the forge.

Standing in front of the forge door, he grabbed one last log to fill the forge and threw it in. But as the wood in the burning pile, burning ash and coals were kicked back at him. Since his face was in front of the opening, the ash and coals were kicked into his face.

Ryū recoiled in pain as the right side of his face burned. He tried to splash cold water on his face but it didn’t help at all. He sat there in pain, not having a clue on what to do for nearly an hour.

His master returned to the shop to find his student severely burned and in great pain. The two rushed to the hospital, but it was too late for the damage had been done; leaving little for the medics to help with.

The right side of his face was badly burned, his right eye severely damaged; robbing him of most of his sight in that eye. The medic might have been able to save his eye if he was brought to them sooner; but it was too late now, the burn would forever leave a scar on his face.

The medics bandaged up his face and gave him some medicine to keep it from getting infected and sent him on his way.

“Ryūnosuke, go home and get some rest. Once you feel up to returning to work, come back. But rest until then,” his master spoke as he put a hand on the boy’s shoulder, the blame and guilt weight on both of their shoulders.

“Thank you sir,” Ryū stated before he turned and walked away. He wanted to head straight home, but he had promised his mother to pick up his sister from the academy and he wasn’t about to break that promise.

He stood in the shadow of a tree, waiting for the students’ school day to come to an end. How was he going to explain this to his family? The truth was embarrassing but making up excuses wouldn’t go over well.

“Ryū kun?” a girl’s voiced asked.

Ryū looked over to come face to face with his younger sister, “Hey Akira chan,” Ryū stated, trying to hid the fear in his voice.

The eight year old looked up at her brother and saw the bandages that covered the right side of his face, “Ryū Kun. . . what happened?” she asked.

Ryū offered a faint smile to the girl, “I messed up and paid the price. I’ll be fine so don’t worry about it,” he stated, trying to act brave in front of his sister.

She looked at him for a moment before speaking again, “Do Mother and Father know?” she asked.

“Not yet,” he stated as he bit his lower lip.

Akira took his hand, “We’ll tell them together!” she stated.

Ryū couldn’t help but smile at Akira, she always seemed to believe in him not matter what.

“Let’s head home then, before mother thinks I forgot about picking you up,” Ryū stated as he let Akira jump on his back.
HSV: Truth Behind the Scar
How 16 year old Ryūnosuke got his scar.

ūnosuke belongs to me
Akira thebabyangel2 
Hanabira clan e-tangent 
Before I get to the tagged by :iconthebabyangel2: I want to advertise a new RP group based of the otome game 'Hatoful Boyfriend'! Join even if you don't have a clue about the game! 


Now onto the tag:

1) Write down every letter in your name.
2) Write down a song that pops into your head beginning with each letter.
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people.

Ging to use my nickname cause yeah:

N: Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
E: Emotional by Diana DeGarmo
J: Journey to the Past from the movie "Anastasia" 
I: Impossible by Shontelle 
K: Kickin' In by Adam Lambert 
O: Open Up Your Eyes by Daughtry

Ummm tagging six people. . . . . IDK six people who haven't done this yet :iconweepplz: 


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