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HSV: Weapon Juggling (July '14 Path Mission) by NejiRenji15
HSV: Weapon Juggling (July '14 Path Mission)
July '14:   The dark carnival has some rather skilled weapons jugglers, steal their techniques... Just be careful, you have such lovely eyes and it would be a shame if anything happened to them. 

I forgot how much easier it is to draw Villian Niro, I don't have to draw all his tattoos! :iconlaughsplz:

Niro belongs to me

HSV: Cage Match (July '14 Path Mission) by NejiRenji15
HSV: Cage Match (July '14 Path Mission)
July '14 : The ringmaster has prepared a cage for combat, any may enter and the fights are no holds barred save for killing your opponent. That's a bit more of a mess than the ringmaster and his crew care to deal with, but beyond that go nuts and put on a show the likes of which no one has seen. 

Villian Niro, you ruthless man you. As for his opponent, well they're under that pile of rocks; barely alive so you might want to hurry and save them :iconmingplz:

Niro belongs to me


Sitting on top of a roof, the blonde looked around at the village. Trees were down everywhere, signs and banners where down and pieces of buildings were scattered about. It was a pretty big mess, thankfully though there were no casualties from the storm; some minor injuries but nothing serious. Clean was going to take some time but with a plan things would go smoothly. Him along with the other weapon specialists were tasked with helping the villagers clear the debris and downed trees.

“The side field is all cleared up and ready for the downed trees,” a taller blonde stated as he yelled up to the younger blonde on the roof.

At first glance, the two blondes looked nearly identical; but there were minor differences, after all they were related.

“Awesome! Thanks Dad,” the younger blonde stated as he jumped down off the roof.

“There is an empty lot to the west of the shops that is going to take the debris off the buildings,” he stated.

“Sounds good boy, so where to start?” the blonde’s father stated.

“I was thinking starting here, clearing this road back to the farm and the empty lot. That way we won’t have to clear it as we go,” the boy stated.

“Well, let’s go then! OI! Ya heard the ninja! We clear this road first!” the man yelled to the group of villages that had showed up to help clean.

“Zosimus! We have problem!” a middle aged man stated as he jogged over to the blonde man.

“What’s wrong?” Zosimus asked as he turned to look at the man, setting the debris he was carrying down.

“We think there are some animals living under some downed trees, all we hear are growling and no one wants to go close,” the middle aged man stated.

“Tell ‘em not to move those trees yet, me and the boy will be over there,” Zosimus stated before he grabbed the debris and walked over to his son who was directing the other villagers.

“Oi Niro boy, we got some animals hidin’ under some trees. Sounds like they ain’t too happy to have their tree moved,” Zosimus explained.

“That’s not good, lemme get someone to take over here and I’ll be there shortly,” Niro stated as he yelled over to another ninja helping out nearby before nodding to his father.

The two quickly headed over to the pile of downed trees; since the storm had destroyed so many trees and animals dens, it wasn’t much of a surprise  that the displaced animals tried to find a new home. The group of villagers that found the  group of trees stood a ways from the pile of trees.

“Whatever is in there keeps growling when we try to move the trees,” one of the younger villagers stated.

“Right, go ahead and stand back, we’ll handle it,” Niro stated as he walked over to the pile of trees, his father at his side.

“Any guesses on what living in there dad?” he asked as he looked over the trees.

“Besides somethin’ that growls? I’ma thinkin’ a coon or possum maybe, perhaps even small coyote or fox,” Zosimus answered as he tapped the closest tree with his foot. As if on cue, that creature inside the trees growled.

“Sounds more like a possum or coon,” Niro stated as he adjusted the work gloves on his hands, “On the count of three, moves the tree on top and I’ll grab whatever it is,” he explained.

“Let’s hope yer faster than the little guy that’s in there,” Zosimus joked as he grabbed the tree, ready to move it on his son’s que.

“Thanks for having some faith Dad,” Niro grumbled, “Ready? On the count of three: One, two, three!” Niro stated.

As soon as he said three, Zosimus moved the tree off the top of the pile onto the side. Once the tree was moved, Niro quickly reached in and grabbed whatever was in there. A loud and angry growl come from within the pile of trees as the villagers watched on.

“Come on buddy, ya don’t want to live in there. I’ma gonna find ya a better place to call home,” Niro stated as he slowly pulled the critter out.
Grabbing the creature by the scruff of its neck and using his other hand to hold the base of its tail so it can’t turn around at him.

“By that growl, we thought it was a bear or something,” one of the villagers commented.

“Nah, just a very unhappy little possum,” Niro stated, holding a smaller opossum in front of him with it’s fangs and claws ready to defend.

“Unhappy nothin’, that little guy is mad,” Zosimus stated as he looked through the rest of the trees, “Looks like he was hidin’ solo,” he added.

“Well go ahead and move those trees, I’ll go find this guy a new home,” Niro stated as he nodded to his dad before heading off towards the woods.

The whole walk to the woods the opossum growled at Niro.

“Hey, what part of chill did ya not catch?” he stated, “I ain’t gonna hurt ya so ya can stop trying to look big and scary,” he added.

The opossum didn’t understand and kept growling.

“Or not listen to me, that works too,” Niro commented as he found some old and rotting trees laying on the ground.

A perfect spot to call home for the little guy, far away from people, “This looks like a top of the line place to live buddy,” Niro stated.

The opossum just kept growling at Niro, getting rather annoyed at being held.

“Well, sorry bout the relocation buddy, but ya should enjoy this place much more than that pile of trees,” Niro stated as slowly set the opossum down.

As soon as the opossum’s claws touch the old bark, they dug into the wood. In a swift move, Niro released his grip on the nape of its neck and the base of its tail at the same time before putting distance between the two.

Upon being released, the opossum looked over at Niro and growled one last time at him.

“Yer welcome buddy, even if ya don’t show it,” Niro muttered before heading back to the cleanup. 

HSV: March '14 Path Mission - Clean Up
MARCH '14 Path Mission : Assist the civilian workers in helping recreating the village by cutting away debris and blown away trees.

Niro's father, Zosimus is owner of the Renkia farm and offered to take the downed trees from around the village to use around the farm. But not just people were affected the storm, some critters got woken up from their hibernation. (And spell check hates the way Zosimus talks)

Niro and Zosimus Renkia belong to me

(Word Count: 1046) 

So I don't go insane, I'll list everything I have on record to-do (in no particular order)

(Open still)

Art Trades:

xBrokenRecordx - ShikaTema Fanfic
Darkflametailz - Uyru/Orihime Fanfic
Ankoku-Sensei- Soi Fon Fanart
AmandaPanda18 - Yoruichi and Soi Fon FanFic 
AustraliumSiren - Hisagi and Mayumi FanFic
lazerskunk - Renmaru and Tenten Fanart 
annamae2243 - OC Fanart 
S-Karina - Undecided 
Pitukel -GaaraHina Fanfic


Also, if you wish to change your prize; let me know :iconedyeahplz: My goal is got get this all done before Christmas! :iconimadplz:

KA: Kenji's 80 look
HSV Civilians 
HSV: Ikuya's Stat boost fics
HSV: Path Missions
HSV: NiroYasa
Re-draw some older pieces from my gallery 


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