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OW: Oct. MDC 101 by NejiRenji15
OW: Oct. MDC 101

His stomach dropping when he heard his teacher’s words, “This creature will die, so trying to prevent that is pointless.” He was going to have to let something die in his hands, would he be able to do this? He was a virtue angel, one that helped miracles and signs reach the humans. Not once did he have to watch something die in his hands. Sure he’d seen the deaths of human whose prayers were never answered but he was connected to them. He watched as the other students got up and headed cabinets; each selecting a creature and leaving the classroom with it. He finally got to his feet and walked over to the drawers. There were some creatures he’d never seen before and wouldn’t have a clue of what possible illness they had. As he looked over the creatures, one caught his eye. It was a small brown weasel, spots of its fur were going gray and some fur was even falling out. Raphael wasn’t sure why, but that little weasel seemed to be calling out to him somehow. After glancing over at the other creatures, he was drawn back to the weasel; maybe he was meant to help this little guy move on. Taking a deep breath, he reached down and picked up the little weasel. As soon as his hands touched the cold fur, he suddenly felt a heartbeat and breathing. The weasel moved a bit in his hands but it seem stiff and in pain. The words of his teacher still rang in his mind, “It will die, you need to ease its suffering.” Raphael tucked the weasel under his jacket a bit to keep it warm and heading back to his dorm.

 Judging by it’s gray and missing fur along with the stiff movement, Raphael was lead to believe that it was suffering from arthritis and possibly organ failure. He knew from watching humans long enough to know that these were signs of old age. This weasel wasn’t sick or suffering from an injury, it was simply at the end of its life. While he wasn’t sure what pain killers the weasel would have, he focused on making the little guy as comfortable as possible. To help soothe the aching joints, he drew a warm bath for the weasel and let it soak in the warm water for a bit. From what he could tell the little weasel seemed to enjoy the warm water, moving its limbs a bit more in the water; as if the stiffness in the joints was easing up. Raphael let the weasel rest in the water until it’s stopped moving around as much. He gently took the weasel out of the water and wrapped a towel around it to dry if off. Using some dry towels and heating pad, he made a little bed for the weasel. It was soft and warm, hopefully comfortable enough for the little guy to spend his last moments in. Tucking another towel over the weasel, he sat down next to the low table that the bed rested on and softly stroked the weasel’s head. He wasn’t sure how long he sat there, petting the weasel; all he knew was that tears just kept streaming down his face. He kept silently praying that he helped eased the suffering of the weasel, hoping that it would be able to pass on peacefully. After what seemed like an eternity, Raphael no longer could no longer feel a heartbeat or see the body of the weasel rise and fall as it breathed. That was it, he did all he could; the life had left the fuzzy body. Raphael had reached his limit, resting his arms on the table and burying his face in his arms he let all his emotion pour out. He sat there crying until there were no more tears left to cry. This sadness was something he’d never forgot, sure miracles exist but sometimes not even a miracle can fix everything. He slowly got to his feet and wiped the tears off his face. Form this day forward, he was going to do all he could to help save someone. But there would always be someone he couldn’t save; the least he could do was ease their pain as they pasted on. That was the fate of a doctor, life and death rested in their hands. 

Raphael belongs to me
Katja lizziecat1279 

Word Count (732)

OW: Iris - Year 3 by NejiRenji15
OW: Iris - Year 3

"Water is my life."


Basic Information:

Name: Iris

Age: Unknown (assumed around 500-600 human years. She appears to be her early twenties)

Height: 5’4” (163cm)

Species: Mermaid

Species Description:

Sailors fear of these half human-half fish creatures for their emotions are directly tied to the water in which they live. They have been known to guide ships to buried treasure or to the bottom of the sea. While they are deemed to be immortal, they can be killed if out of water for a long enough time.


    ·         Basic Watermancey  (including ice)

    ·         Basic Windmancy

    ·         Communication with aquatic life


Academic Information

Level: Advanced (Grave)

Courses: ELM 302, ELM 303


Passed Courses: - LIN 103, ELM 103, ELM 104, ELM 202, ELM 204

Experience:  340 (10/5/15)

Roommate: Kalaziel


Personal Information



    ·         Water – Large amounts enough to swim in

    ·         Jewelry – Gold, Silver, Bronze, Gems, Crystals, Pearls, or Sea Shell. It doesn’t matter what it is made of, she loves all jewelry

    ·         Aquatic Animals and Plants – Anything from her world basically

    ·         Singing – she often sings when swimming

    ·         Shiny things – Gold or not, if it is shiny she likes it.



    ·         Dry areas – Such as deserts, she will “dry up” and risk serious injury

    ·         Sushi – Raw fish, that’s like cannibalism!

    ·         Pollution – It leaves yucky stuff on her after she swims in polluted water.

    ·         Alcohol – It makes her very ill, she’ll stick with water.


    ·         Strong Swimmer

    ·         Breathing Underwater

    ·         Resistance to changes in water temperature

    ·         Diving to deep depths



    ·         Clumsy when walking on her feet

    ·         Lack of water (she can only go about 4 hours before she needs to get into the water)

    ·         Lack of control on her emotions

    ·         Understanding humans



    ·         To learn to harness her control over the water and air (to create storms at seas)

    ·         To learn how to control her emotions so they don’t her control over elements.



    ·         Getting Eaten

    ·         Being forced out of water for long times

    ·         Becoming a human’s pet/show thing



|Temperamental| Independent |Blunt |Honest | Childish | Klutzy |

While Iris may look to be in her early twenties, she tends to have the mindset of a child since the surface world is completely new to her. Because of this she tends to come off as hyper and dramatic at times. Just like a child, she has a horrible time controlling her feelings; she isn’t above throwing a tantrum if she gets mad. She is honest and blunt, she won’t lie; if she doesn’t like you or has something on her mind, she’ll tell it to you. Unlike a child though, she can be rather independent at time. She much rather do things herself than have to ask for help; with the exception of getting helped up after she fell down. Since walking is a brand new thing to her, she is very unstable on her feet. Running or speed walking with almost always leads to a face plant. She gets rather pale at the mention of eating meat and will faint someone eats fish right by her. 



Iris was born a mermaid though her father was human. Once a mermaid reaches a certain age, she goes ashore to find a partner. If the child of the union is a mermaid (or merman, though they are very rare), the mother takes the child and returns to the sea. If the child is human, the mermaid stays on land until another child is born a mermaid or the human child is no longer nursing. Iris was the third child born to her father and mermaid mother; the other two were both human boys. Upon her birth and getting named by her father, Iris and her mother, Calypso, returned to the sea. They rejoin her mother's pod of traveling mermaids who roamed the Atlantic Ocean and at one point the Mediterranean Sea. 

As she grew up, Iris struggled to control her emotions and abilities, leading to some incidents since the two were connected. Because of the “trouble” Iris would cause, her mother avoided bringing her to the surface; this lead to Iris’ lack of knowledge about the surface world since she was kept away from it. Fearing that something bad might happen to the young mermaid as a result of her lack of control; her mother and the other mermaids traveled the seas to find a place where Iris could learn to control her abilities and emotions. After sometime, they came across the Otherworlde Academy and enrolled Iris; giving her the charm to make her appear human. The charm was normally give to mermaid when they went ashore to find a human partner but an acceptation was made; if Iris didn’t get things under control she might not live long enough to find a human partner and have children.


Term One:

The surface world was brand new to her. Everything from the ground she had to walk on to the sky above her head. She managed to make some friends who helped her learn more about the surface world along with some people she disliked and one she even feared. Iris also met Melsuine, a Cecaelia, and the two became very close; Melsuine taught her much about the surface world. She took three classes to learn as much as possible. The year ended with no major injuries or problems


Term Two:

Starting to get the hang of things on the surface world Iris only two classes. This gave her more time to explore the lake bed and search for treasures. It was during one of her treasure searches that she met her roommate, Kalaziel. Towards the end of the year, during the tournament she took a joke wrong and ended up throwing a major tantrum which lead to a fight with Ruby and Emily. Iris was able to avoid death thanks to Kalaziel coming to her rescue. She didn’t escape unscathed though, part of her hair and shirt were burned from Ruby’s flames. Iris avoided people for a bit to sulk, but she eventually returned to interacting with others again.

Misc. Information:

-Her earrings are a charm that allows her to trade her fins for human legs. However, if she gets wet (splashed with water, rained on, etc) she reverts to her original form. Once she is dry, her charm takes effect. If she is not wearing both earrings, the charm cannot work.

- Iris is a vegan by choice, meaning she refuses to eat any kind of meat as well as dairy products. She often goes pale at the sight of meat, especially if they are eating fish.

-Her fish half is a Coelacanth (latimeria-chalumnae) (Pic:…)

-Has an interesting in fluffy and cute things since they don't live underwater (So far Samhain in bat form)

-Has adopted Chaii's shadow eel, Cheel as her own

-Knows how to read and write but is at a children's level

-Tends to be barefoot most of the time

-Only bathes, never showers

-Sleeps underwater 

-Birthday (she doesn't remember it): July 31 (Leo) 

Character Relationships

Bullet; Green - Likes | Bullet; Black - Dislikes | Bullet; Blue - Unsure | Bullet; Yellow - Interested By | Bullet; Purple - Saddened By | Bullet; White - Fearful Of | Bullet; Pink - Crushing On | Bullet; Red - Love |

Alta (BlueBlueFox ) : :bulletyellow: Knows that he is a teacher at the academy. Didn't really like being called a child by him but finds him attractive. 

Atticus: (Kawa-Mucchi): :bulletpurple: From a distance, Atti seemed nice and he even made crystals plus he was attractive. But Iris couldn't convince him to give her any crystals and as since given up on it. 

Avery (BlueBlueFox )::bulletyellow: At first Iris was worried that Avery would eat her since Chaii said to avoid those with wings, but he doesn't seem to interesting in eating fish. 

Blair (Ra-Punzelle) : :bulletpurple: She met him once, very disappointed that his gold isn't real. 

Cal (AnimeNeko123 ):  :bulletblue: :bulletyellow: She finds his bones pets very interesting but he talks too much for her to really like him all that much. If he didn't talk so much, she'd enjoy behind around him more.  

Casper (Kawa-Mucchi ) : :bulletgreen:He reminds Iris of a doll, maybe because the way he dresses? Considers him a friend though his partner see to have interest in eating her. Adores Chiffon and his other pets.  

Cecil (Imp-y ) : :bulletgreen:  Cecil is always good for a laugh and a good time. Iris is always surprised by his action, making him fun to be around. 

Chaii (RielaOmavi )  : :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Considers Chaii a close friend, even if he likes to eat meat. She took care of Cheel, his pet shadow eel, while he was a way for a bit and has grown rather attached to it, she might not give it back.  

Chip: ( viralremix) : :bulletyellow: Has only met him a few times, but he is always surprising her with something new. 

Chrono: (BlueBlueFox) :  :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow:  Iris has basically made Chrono her hero, wanting to be an expert at the elements like him. Basically, a fangirl.  

Cressida: (KeplerNova) :  :bulletblack: Iris never really liked Cressida but after she interfered with Iris' and Ruby's fight she now dislikes her. 

Drake (viralremix ): :bulletblue: Doesn't know him that well, except him and Alta have a weird relationship that she find amusing. 

Emily (zstew2)  :bulletblack: As a result of getting to a fight with Ruby, Emily stepped in to try and stop the fight but that just got Iris madder. During the fight, Emily got into the water (even though she can't swim) and Iris sent a wave at her which nearly drowned her. 
Gabe (Nika-tan) : :bulletgreen:  Gabe is a fellow vegan/vegetarian (like the only one), he understand the difficulty of finding a spot to eat in the cafeteria. Basically, Vegan Buddy.  

Glitch (viralremix) : :bulletgreen: Besides being her teacher for ELM classes, she has encountered him as "Captain Salad", a vegetable wielding vigilante who is determined to see people eat healthy. Basically, he has free vegetables that she likes.  

Hulios (syazapion ) : :bulletgreen:   First person she meet at Otherworlde, often looks to him for help; but wishes he'd call her by her name. Doesn't know his real name, calls him "Clown Boy".

Kalaziel (AnimeNeko123:  :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Even if Kalaziel is half snake, Iris still likes him since he's kinda like her: half-human, half something else. Plus he loves swimming and the water, making him an awesome swimming buddy. During Iris' fight with Ruby, Kalaziel helped her escape with her life so she feels like she owes him now. 

Kichi (Kittrex )  :bulletblue: They had a rough first meeting filled with name calling and accusations of fake body parts. She has threatened to drown the upperclassmen, but that will never happen since she's so weak. They seem to have a truce, not trying to kill each other. 

Luca (Nighttail101  ) : :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow:   At first, Iris thought Luca was an angelfish but she has since figured he hasn't. What she really wants from Luca is his halo, it's gold and shiny after all. 

Magi (bloodyonix): :bulletyellow: Iris doesn't know much about him yet but since he is friends with Yuu, she'll learn more. 

Melsuine (KeplerNova) :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:  To Iris, Melsuine is basically a mermaid; she thinks of the other as a sister. 

Oleander (viralremix )  :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:  Ole stated that he would eat her since she is a fish. Because of this, she fears him with her life, even if Casper tells her he won't do it.

Paris (BlueBlueFox )   :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: The two girls seems to get along quite well (though Iris still isn't sure what V-day is but she'll try to figure it out on her own). Both girls appear to be unsteady on their feet and seem to fall a lot; plus they both like fruit. 

Pin (AnimeNeko123) :bulletgreen: Pin seems to always cheer her up, even if he does hug her a bit too much sometimes. 

Ravi (Ankdros) :  :bulletgreen:  The two seem to get along, Iris finds Ravi's relaxing personality refreshing compared to some of the other people she knows. 

Rosa ( zstewz ) :  :bulletyellow:  Finds the girl odd because of the way she acts but adorable. 

Ruby ( FabiLuv) :  :bulletblack: :bulletblack: After Iris took a joke Ruby made the wrong way, the two got into a big fight. 

Samhain ( viralremix ): :bulletyellow:  Even though she was yelled at for not know about Halloween, she seems to have some interesting in Sammy, though it might just be because he can turn into a bat which she finds adorable and fluffy. 

 Yuu (bloodyonix) :  :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: The two seem to get along, perhaps because they don't know much about the modern world? 

Roleplaying Preferences

Where do you like to roleplay? Notes, comments, skype?

    Notes, Comments, Skype, whatever works

Would you like to join the OW Skype Group? Skype Name is neji.renji15.


Script Sample

Iris: -Tying her hair up as she sits by the water- Are you sure you want to test your swimming skills against me? I am a mermaid after all.

Lit Sample:

Iris slowly sat down on the edge of the water. As she placed her legs into the water they seemed to morph together becoming one and shimmered with blue scaled. Pulling her white hair up into a pony tail, she spoke, “Are you sure you want to test your swimming skills against me?” she asked as she finished fixing her hair, “I am a mermaid after all” she added with a smile.


Referral: :iconsyazapoin: My lovely purple turtle~

OW: Valkyrie Term 2 by NejiRenji15
OW: Valkyrie Term 2

“The dead can tell more stories than that of the living”

Basic Information:

Name: Valkyrie Von Faust

Age: 16

Height: 5’1”

Species: Necromancer (human)

Species Description:




Spirit Channeling (currently can only channel a single spirit once every two weeks)

Photographic Memory

Intermediate spirit communication 


Academic Information

Level: Intermediate

Courses: NEC 204, NEC 202

Passed Courses: NEC 101, NEC 102

Experience:  48 ( as of 9/2/15)


Personal Information


-the color black, it matches her hair after all.

-Cemeteries, what better place to meet spirits and learn their stories?

-Thunderstorms: Always breath-taking to watch, from indoors of course. 

-Peaceful Spirits/Ghosts: The best ones in her opinion, they have some of the best stories.

- Anything supernatural: Humans are boring after all. 

- Children and hyperactive people: They always make her smiles, running around full of energy; something she had never been able to do. 


- Getting mistaken for and/or called a witch : She is not a witch but a proud necromancer/spirit medium. 

Her pale complexion: She likes the sun but doesn't like getting burned. She just wants to be a little tanner. 

- Noisy Spirits/Ghosts: Everyone needs sleep sometimes, but it's hard to sleep with all that noise. 

- Silent awkward Situations: Who actually likes them?

-Getting caught in the rain without an umbrella: It happens often enough to make her dislike it. 



-Seeing Spirits

-Communicating with Spirits

-Recalling information


- Her frail skeleton (see misc)

-Lack of physical strength


-To master necromancy

-To help the deceased communicate with their living loved ones (like her mother)


-Insects (spiders are ok but barely)

-Getting seriously hurt because of her frail skeleton


While Valkyrie’s body may be frail, her personality is far from it. She is calm, cool and collected for the most part. Even though she is only 16, she is rather polite; addressing those older than her by Mr/Ms unless they tell her otherwise. Though she can’t be as active as she would like, she enjoys watching others play sports or just run about; the more hyper, the more fun she finds in watching. She is extremely self-conscious about her pale skin, taking great effort in covering it and hiding in the shade (rather be pale than burnt red). If Valkyrie can't cover as much skin as normal, she'll be easily embarrassed and try to hide from others.  As with many young girls her age, she can be rather timid around boys close to her age; even blushing during conversation. Because of this she tends to keep her distance from them. She adores the stories that spirits will tell, often writing them down in journals so the stories don’t fade away again. Sometimes she will even stay up all night writing. If she yawns a lot during the day, there is a good chance she was up all night listening to the stories. Valkyrie will almost always have a book of some kind with her; either a book on necromancy or one of her journals. Bugs near or on her will cause her to scream in fright, real or fake it doesn't matter. Spiders are tolerable for the most part, just as long as they don't touch her. She also dislikes being called or referred to as a "witch", since she considers herself a spirit medium/necromancer. To her, witches deal with hexes and magic spells/potions not spirit communication or the dead. Valkyrie can't turn her back on a person in need, she'll do what she can to help someone out. 



Valkyrie was born in the countryside of upper Bavaria, Germany to Edel and Leoda von Faust. Edel was a medical doctor who had always been obsessed with death and afterlife, his obsession soon developed into the study of necromancy, or rising of the dead. Leoda was a spirit medium who was able to channel and communicate with spirits of the dead. Valkyrie was born with brittle bones, a condition that was not fatal but would result in a frail skeleton. When Valkyrie was 6 years old, she took a major tumble down a flight of stairs and partly shattered both her legs. In order for them to heal correctly, she had to have rods and pins put in to her legs. She spent months in a wheelchair and had to learn how to walk all over again. Because of her condition, she still has the metal rods and pins in her legs along with the scars that came with her surgery. She doesn't seem to have any problems walking with the rods and pins. As Valkyrie grew up, she showed strength in communicating with and even channeling of spirits like her mother at a young age. The girl also had a photographic memory, capable of remembering anything she had read or saw. Valkyrie soon took interest in necromancy like her father and with her spiritual abilities, Edel was positive that if anyone could master necromancy it would be her. Though some research involving in his growing collection of necromancy books, Edel found a school of the dark arts; Otherworlde. Upon Valkyrie’s 16th birthday, she enrolled in Otherworlde Academy.

Year One:

Valkyrie only took two classes, since she wasn't sure how much she could handle. While she wasn't working on her homework she befriend many new people; some would she grew very close too. She mangaged to avoid injury until towards the end of the year when she had an accident in the Library thanks to Ramir. As a result of getting buried under a pile of books, she was covered with dark bruises but thankfully no broken bones. To cover the bruises on her hands, she had them wrapped in bandages; also to add some support to her fingers in case a bone was cracked. 


Misc. Information:

-Valkyrie suffers from brittle bones, meaning that a fall down stairs could leave her with broken bones instead of just bruises. Because of this, she is weary of stairs and will cling to the railing as she slowly goes up or down them.

-She is often stays up all night with spirits resulting in little sleep. Due to this, Valkyrie will often take naps throughout the day; most often when she studies in the library.

-Has a fairly thick German accent.

-Birthday: February 25 (Pisces) 

Character Relationships

Bullet; Green - Likes | Bullet; Black - Dislikes | Bullet; Blue - Unsure | Bullet; Yellow - Interested By | Bullet; Purple - Saddened By | Bullet; White - Fearful Of | Bullet; Pink - Crushing On | Bullet; Red - Love |

Aiden (ravenwings52): :bulletgreen: Always cheerful, Aiden quickly found her way into Val's group of close friends. 

Aphina (Pastelodie): :bulletgreen: Even if Aphina tackled her once, Val considers her a good friend. 

 Atticus (Kawa-Mucchi ) : Bullet; Blue Atti is a bit cold when ever Val meets him, she normally ends up running into Atti when he is with Drake or Kichi. Will often call him "Mr. Atticus" 

Cal (AnimeNeko123 ) : Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Green As an advanced student in necromancy, Cal is a bit of a role model for Val, even if he's a bit of a flirt. She always blushes around him and wants to pet Tremor; even if Tremor doesn't like her. Refers to Cal as "Mr. Cal" 

Casper (Kawa-Mucchi): Bullet; Green Val considers Casper a good friend and doesn't feel short with him. His love for sweets gives her an excuse to work on her baking. He hasn't corrected her yet so she still calls him "Mr. Casper"

Cecil (Imp-y): :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: Even though Cecil is almost the exact opposite of her, Val always enjoys her time with him. She also finds him cute which she'll never admit. 

Chaii (RielaOmavi): :bulletgreen: Even if Chaii is a zombie, Val still considers him a good friend though he still owes her a sandwich. . . . 

Cressida (KeplerNova): :bulletblue: Val has mixed feelings about Cressie. . mainly because of her bug collecting but is more than willing to ask the witch about something since Cressie seems to know a ton. 

Drake (viralremix): Bullet; Blue Has only really met him when he is with Att. 

Emily (zstew2):  Bullet; Blue While Emily is an upper classman in Necromancer, Val isn't sure about her; mainly because she hangs around Rax's sister who is constantly throwing the guy under the bus. 

Evan (VeRTiGo-P): :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen: Even if he has a bit of an additude and swears like a sailor, Val finds Evan to be an exiciting person to be around. 

Glitch (viralremix): Bullet; Blue Has only met him a couple of times as Captain Salad, not sure why he does that though it seems odd. 

Kichi (Kittrex): Bullet; Yellow Will forever hold it over Kichi's head that she ate two whole ghost peppers to his one. She enjoys his antics which make her laugh most of the time.

Licht (Leo-Awesome):  :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen: Another upperclassman in necromancy, Val helped Licht with an assignment on preserving a bat corpse. He is also german which reminds her of home. 

Luca (Nighttail101) : Bullet; Green Val considers Luca a good friend, even if angels and necromancers don't really see eye to eye on somethings. Also finds him cute as well. 

Oreo (VeRTiGo-P):  :bulletyellow: Has met her a few times but hasn't really talked much. 

Pin (AnimeNeko123) : :bulletblue: The giant doll makes Val a bit uneasy. He really likes hugs and she doesn't want to get squished. 
Ramir (DreamingOfSenpai): :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: Considers him a good friend even though he is a fellow spirit medium. She's be working on helping him understand spirits better so they don't randomly possess him as much. She finds him cute and enjoys being with him 

Rax (Y0uko): :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: Her Necomancy professor, she looks up to him. Calls him "Herr Rax" 

Ruby (FabiLuv) : :bulletblack: Dislikes Ruby for her cockiness and throwing Rax under the bus all the time. 

Sinclair (viralremix): :bulletblue: Met him when she went with Casper to Dogsbane Cafe. She was a bit scared by him but he seemed to get along with Casper so he couldn't be that scary right?

Samhain (viralremix): :bulletblue: While Sam is a upperclassman of Necromancy, he reminds Val of a bug sometimes which tends to make her a bit fearful of him. 

Roleplaying Preferences

Where do you like to roleplay? Notes, comments, skype?

Notes, Comments, Skype, whatever works

Would you like to join the OW Skype Group? Skype Name is neji.renji15. Please say your username and character name if sending a join request.


Script Sample

Valkyrie: -giggles- I’m envious of you, being able to run around and not worry about getting hurt.

Lit Sample:

Valkyrie moved her bandaged covered hand over her mouth to hide her giggle, “I’m envious of you, being able to run around and not worry about getting hurt,” she stated.

So I don't go insane, I'll list everything I have on record to-do (in no particular order)

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Check out my little sister :icondarkmoon1544:

neji stamp by SakamakiJustine gai and lee stamp by SakamakiJustine Nejiko stamp by SakamakiJustine (by SakamakiJustine)

I claimed Ryumon Hozukimaru at :iconzanpakuto-club:

I adopted Ikkaku Madarame for my OC, Aria from :icondoki-doki-bleach:

Ukitake's fangirl in :iconbleach-fangirls-crew:

Hizashi Hyuuga's fangirl in :iconnaruto-fangirls-crew:

Finished school, graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree.

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